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Break Through to Another Generation of Document Processing with AI

what users can do

With Optira, users can extract data from various file types and formats.

what we do

Transforming document conversions with AI techniques.

Optira employs state-of-the-art GenAI language models, cutting-edge AI technologies, and business intelligence for data extraction, processing, and analytics.

Document Types

Process and extract data from any document types & formats, even images, and hand-written notes.

Data Sources

Upload and extract data from/to various data sources like cloud, local PC, ERP, and CRM.

Data Query

Users can perform data query in human-like conversational powered by ChatGPT.

User Dashboard

Visualize the data trends, activity log, and other insights with the analytics dashboard.
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Accurate and efficient data extraction, no matter the document format. Optira transforms your unstructured data into actionable insights.

Some of the key features of Optira are:

  • AI-based Document Processing
  • Business Workflow Automations
  • Custom GPT on Enterprise Data
  • Document Format Conversions

Your data is secured with us.

Document Types


Process Any Document Formats & Types

Data Sources


Upload Documents From Any Sources

Made data extraction easy

Maximize Your ROI With AI Technologies

Answering Some Common Business Asks

Optira effectively manages a wide range of data types and formats by leveraging advanced language models and LLM-based technologies. These sophisticated tools enable the platform to interpret and process various data forms, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across diverse data environments.

Optira incorporates a robust user access management system. An administrator can establish distinct groups, each with tailored access levels. This approach allows for precise control over who can view and manipulate different data sets, enhancing both security and collaboration efficiency.

Storing data on a cloud platform is not mandatory with Optira. The platform offers an open-source version that can be deployed on-premises, allowing enterprises to choose the most suitable infrastructure for their needs.

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