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Seamless Customer Onboarding

Empowering Enterprise Users with Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Optira’s multi-tenant capabilities have been strategically designed to empower enterprise users, offering a streamlined process for onboarding their customers while providing secure access to their Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) for seamless document management.

Effortless Customer Onboarding:

Enterprise users can now take charge of the onboarding process for their customers with unprecedented ease. The multi-tenant capabilities enable organizations to customize their onboarding workflows, ensuring a tailored experience for each customer. From defining document categories to setting up personalized data extraction templates, the platform empowers enterprises to create a seamless onboarding journey that aligns with their unique business processes.

Secure VPC Access for Document Exchange:

With Optira, enterprise users can grant their customers secure access to their VPCs. This means customers can effortlessly upload and download documents within a protected environment, fostering a secure and efficient document exchange process.

Tailored Access Controls:

Recognizing the importance of granular control, our multi-tenant capabilities extend to access controls within VPCs. Enterprise users can define specific access levels and permissions for their customers, ensuring that data remains confidential and only authorized actions are performed within the VPC environment.

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