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Try Out Optira's Intelligent Document Processing Feature to Automate Data Extraction Process

Optira’s IDP feature is a powerful tool fueled by OpenAI’s Generative AI capabilities. This innovative feature empowers enterprises to effortlessly process and extract data from large volume of documents.

This tool supports all kind of file formats including PDF, CSV, XLSX, DOCX, Images, and even Hand-Written Documents.

Key Elements of Optira's IDP

Optira’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) feature caters specifically to the dynamic needs of enterprises dealing with a large volume of documents and manually extracting data or key information.

With this tool, enterprises can reduce document processing costs, save time and secure their data.

Automatically upload, process and extract data from any type of documents, including DOCX, PDF, CSV, XLSX, and even handwritten notes.

Users can upload, process and download files from any existing file management systems like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Tally etc.

No need to know what’s where! Users can perform data queries using ChatGPT.

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