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As a Generative AI application Optira stands out due to its efficient orchestration of the powerful Microsoft Azure AI services like  Azure Cognitive Search and  Azure OpenAI Services that generate responses, summaries, classifications, and conversational interactions. 
Optira’s solution approach surpasses conventional rule-based or static applications by harnessing machine learning algorithms to generate intelligent and context-aware outputs.  Optira’s adoption of Generative AI enables it to deliver dynamic and personalized solutions for intricate document-related tasks, thereby enhancing its effectiveness and utility.

Conversational Capabilities

Optira leverages Azure Open AI services, including advanced natural language processing models like ChatGPT, to improve user interactions and enable more dynamic conversations.

Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

Optira benefits from Azure's scalable and dependable cloud infrastructure, which enables it to handle varying workloads and maintain high availability, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Efficient Information Retrieval

By utilizing Azure Cognitive Search, Optira takes advantage of robust indexing, querying, and analytics capabilities, ensuring swift and effective retrieval of information from extensive document collections.

Seamless Integration with Azure

Optira seamlessly integrates with other Azure services and tools, simplifying the development, deployment, and management processes. This integration fosters smooth collaboration among different components of the application.
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