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Use Cases

Optira's Various Usage Across Industries

BFSI Indistry

The finance and insurance industries rely heavily on processing vast amounts of data. And Optira is a game changer to automate data extraction and enhance efficiency for them.

Healthcare Industry

Optira assists healthcare industry in extracting structured data from unstructured medical documents for claims processing, digitizing patient records and more.

Legal Industry

Legal professionals deal with a vast amount of legal documents which are both, critical and sensitive. Optira streamlines the process of document management with high level security.

HR & Recruitment

HR departments handle a plethora of documents, especially during recruitment and onboarding. Optira streamlines the process with automated resume screening and employee onboarding.

Government Agencies

Government agencies handle numerous documents, including FOIA requests and permits. Optira improves file management and response times by automating responses and verification tasks.

Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturing industry, Optira automates the analysis and data extraction from quality inspection reports, shipping documents, supplier agreements, and purchase orders.

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