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Making GenAI Apps Work on Enterprise Data - Live Demo


November 16, 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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As Generative AI engulfs our lives with possibilities deemed impossible or too expensive to achieve even a year ago, businesses should now plan to fully leverage these Generative AI technologies for their respective business use cases.

This webinar, presented by our AI engineers, delves deeper into the strategies and tactics of how enterprises can leverage GenAI and includes a live demo session that will showcase the following GenAI capabilities:


    • Digitizing PDF documents, images, faxes, handwritten notes etc. and converting to various formats for downstream analytical consumptions
    • Responding with detailed & conversational answers, culled and correlated from various data sets, across multiple locations and in different formats
      – unstructured or structured, in NOSQL or RDBMS, in ERP systems or CSV files.
    • Ensuring data security and compliances as per worldwide standards

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